All members are volunteers who give their time to promote the well-being of Pollokshields as a place to live and work. If you would like to be involved please do get in touch.

We always welcome residents who want to promote a project that they are passionate about.

The Pollokshields Community Council is made up of 15 local residents:

Ameen Mohammed – Chair

Ann Laing – Secretary

Robert Cussons – Treasurer

Yasmeen Tanveer – Member

William Fraser – Member

Angus J Quin – Member

David Carruthers – Member

Lorna McRobert – Member

Charles Young – Member

Gillian Argo – Member

David Evans – Member

Timothy Mitchell – Member

Aisha Tufail – Member

Peter Edwards – Member

James Alcock – Member

Pollokshields is divided into smaller areas, and ideally each of those areas would have two community councillors, but can have up to three if there is capacity in other areas. At the moment we have spaces across all of those areas and we hope people living in Pollokshields will consider becoming Community Councillors.

Some info on the role of Community Councils can be found here.

The Council have provided a comprehensive portal to accessing guidance information relating to Community Councils.

The Council have issued official Guidance for Community Councils.

The Council have also issued the Scheme of Establishment of Community Councils.