Fireworks, Speeding & Litter are three issues that we are focusing on right now.


The residents of Pollokshields have come together to take a stand against the dangerous use of fireworks. The various efforts of the community have helped curtail most of the fireworks troubles compared to previous years. We should be proud of this.


A Public Meeting was hosted in November 2018 where 200 residents attended to speak with elected representatives, Police, Fire Services, and the Local Council. As a result, MSP Nicola Sturgeon and MP Alison Thewliss set up a Fireworks Stakeholder Group ensuring the residents of Pollokshields can safely enjoy a 2019 Guy Fawkes. At the same time, the Community Council set up a Residents Fireworks Group that drafted a comprehensive Action Plan which helped inform key measures that the Stakeholder Group have proposed. A second Public Meeting took place in October 2019, hosted by MSP Nicola Sturgeon, to update residents of the work that key stakeholders had been working on.

A Crimestoppers launch took place in October 2019 at Maxwell Square Park that seen 30 residents and emergency services came out to encourage the community to report any dangerous incidents. Flyers were distributed by Crimestoppers Youth.

To emphasise residents’ solidarity, a demonstration took place on Guy Fawkes night at Maxwell Square Park. Around 20 religious leaders, Councillors local organisations assembled with a large number of local residents.

Religious leaders from Christian, Muslim and Sikh Muslims faiths have been patrolling Pollokshields streets in the run up to 5th November to deter anti-social behaviour.

In February 2019 the Community Council promoted the Scottish Government’s national online consultation on fireworks. In addition to the online consultation, 29 events were held across Scotland, of which two took place in Pollokshields. We used a range of social media methods to encourage residents to complete the consultation.


We remain committed to tackling the dangerous speeding and high number of accidents through our Safer Streets for Pollokshields initiative. This group has been working with various Council departments to help inform the design of traffic implementations and identify hot-spot areas of dangerous driving. We have worked with the local Council to focus efforts on Albert Drive, Glencairn Drive, Bruce Road and Maxwell Drive and have contributed to the Traffic Calming Consultations put forward by the Council for these streets. We are aware that by placing speed tables on one road may divert problems down another and we hope that the Sustrans Study will help us identify solutions to these problems. A special thanks to Mid Albert Drive Neighbourhood Watch, Glencairn Drive Group and our very own Rob Cussons (Treasurer).


There is a renewed community effort to tackle dangerous speeding particularly on roads that have little traffic calming. Residents, local Police, and the Community Council are working together to report on instances of dangerous driving. There has been an increase in call outs and subsequent Police interventions. Some residents are going further and providing a detailed level of speeding activity to help build a local profile of problem areas.

Produced by the Pollokshields Community Council and directed by local artist Kate Deeming, “Slow Down” is a short video made with children and grown-ups who live in Pollokshields. It’s a response to speeding cars.


We have formed a group looking at residential and commercial refuse, fly tipping and bulk uplift. The group has met twice and through this we have resurrected the community clean ups – rebranded as Polish the Shields –  which take place on the first Saturday of the month.

The clean ups are family friendly and see good turnouts. A special thanks to Community Councillors James Alcock and Aisha Tufail for spearheading this effort. To find out more and get involved contact

Polish The Shields-04.jpg

In January 2019 we are undertaking a Participation Request with Glasgow City Council. This is a unique process intended to create the opportunity for residents to be more directly involved in improving outcomes in their community. The Council has agreed the objectives it wants to achieve with us:

  • An effective waste and recycling service for Pollokshields that meets the government’s climate challenge targets
  • A healthy and safe environment in which people can live, work and play
  • A local community that is proud of where they live
  • A formal response from the Council will be given to the Community Council with details of the actions taken and will be issued by 3rd January 2020.

Produced by the Pollokshields Community Council and directed by local artist Kate Deeming, “Take Care” is a short video made with children and grown-ups who live in Pollokshields. It’s a response to litter.