MyGlasgow App
If you are using the MyGlasgow App that’s very good, if not please download it and use it to report Flytipping, Potholes, Missed Bins, Bulk Uplift and so on.

Here is step by step guide on how to report Flytipping, you can also use it to report Potholes, Missed Bin Uplift, Bulk Uplift Request and many more.…/report-flytipping-in-30-se…/

If you find any:
Blocked Gully/Stank
Faulty Street Lights

Then please call Roads And Lighting Faults (RALF) reporting service on 0800 37 36 35

If you see any cars parked at the corners or double yellow lines then please make a complaint by calling or emailing:

Parking 0141 287 4040

If you have any complaints related to Taxis then please email:
or by visiting this site:

Glasgow City Council employs staff to cover Environmental Health functions outwith normal office hours.

The main duties of the out of hours staff relate to the investigation of noise complaints, the majority of which arise during the evening and into night-time and has enforcement powers to allow noise disturbance issues to be resolved when informal contact is not successful.
Glasgow City Council endeavours to respond to all noise complaints relating to:

•Public Houses / Clubs (live bands, karaoke, discos)
•Construction Sites
•Alarms sounding

Officers are on duty 7 days a week from 5pm to 3am and can be contacted directly on 0141 287 1060 or by email at

For any other complaint, please call:
Phone 0141 287 2000
or write to:
Customer Care Team
Glasgow City Council
City Chambers
G2 1DU

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